Russian dating scams online

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In case the girl or man stop correspondence for any reason, the man has the right to correspond free-of-charge with any other girl: in our agency now are about 120 very beautiful ladies from North Russia (cities: Murmansk, Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk, Seversk, Narian-Mar, Vologda).

We personally communicate with each of them to be sure of the seriosness of their intentions.

I only want to help others to not be as gullible as I am.

If you agree to use this service, you must make a deposit for (10 letters to/from lady).This sounded reasonable so I did and now they have received my money but I can't get them to respond. I just want to warn others of the scam that probably only hurts legitimate people and agencies. We should all contact sponsors of these sites and warn them.Beware of following Email addresses: [email protected]; [email protected] can view their page on at for setting this site up, all to late for me. I have posted my scam story on my website at is a better-investigated story than others.Probably it will be interesting to you: Natalya has written the letters only to three men.She has received the answer only from two men, but we know, that she was more interested in your letter.

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