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There are lot's of IP addresses in gmail headers, but they are just the IP addresses of each mail server along the way, and they are useless in even narrowing down to a geographical region.

I'm even shocked that one of them did track to within 40 miles of her home city. The good news is that the results you've found are meaningless and she may be who and where she claims. If she says it's too expensive to use the phone, she's lying.

I have heard that more than one server could be involved sending an e-mail from country to country, but should an e-mail be still origin traceable at all times, or do the multiple server movements hide its original start point.

We to have been engaged in conversations about 4 weeks and their is talk now of her wanting to come here, but she has not mentioned any money yet either.

So my question: When she mentions coming and ask for the money, to call her bluff, could I tell her that I will buy the ticket and have it waiting at the desk for her, intentions, she will not go for this and bluff will be called.

When you go out on a date in Russia, you’ll find that customs are generally quite old fashioned and traditional - with men adopting a highly chivalrous manner to ‘sweep women off their feet’.

If you’re going to a restaurant for your date, it’s customary to dress fairly formally, so men might wear a jacket and trousers, and women may want to dust off their favourite dress.

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