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A bad boy has usually survived a lot of things and as a result, has gained invaluable experience which other men of his age would die to possess.He is not afraid of any kind of woman and knows exactly how to deal with each type.We all know that the undiscovered and the mysterious draw us to them, it is human psychology.It is an interesting and attractive proposition to hang out with bad boys who do not disclose their feelings much.Any bad boy has had his share of run in’s with the law.

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They are imagined to be complete and absolute bedroom rulers and a de facto ruler at that.However, for a bad boy, a sedentary or a stationary life is completely alien to his nature and the rebels at the first opportunity.They are always on the move, as if on a quest to discover something about themselves and they have an inherent need to fight their own weaknesses, to examine themselves and to go for what is best and they live for this moment only.They happen to be the great company, at one moment taking you for a crazy motorcycle ride and the next, having you in tears over a really funny joke.Their lives are full of suspense and surprise, something women find very hard to resist. Bad boys do everything in their power to ensure that no two days are exactly alike and who doesn’t love a company like that?

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