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At Mosei, turn left toward Bistrita, then right after a few miles toward Sacel and Sighetu Marmatiei, the principal town.(Sighetu also can be reached by continuing straight at Mosei, but the lower road passes through the region' s most traditional villages.) From Sacel on, each village offers its share, and more, of wooden houses, many with sculpted designs on balconies and around entrances.If time is limited, the interiors at Ieud, Bogdan Voda and Poenile Izei are recommended.The latter depicts some highly original torments for such sins as sleeping in church.Then, there are the towering carved wooden gates, attached to fences half their size, rising before even modest dwellings.Popular motifs include grapevines, acorns, twisted rope, sun symbols, crosses and forest animals.People are happy to meet foreign visitors, often inviting them into their homes for a meal and conversation.

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The drive takes about five hours with no stops, but this is virtually an impossibility, especially for photographers.

An old woman bakes round loaves of bread, a young person bends in scholarly fashion over his books, one man is shot by soldiers while another tends his flock of sheep. For most travelers, the enduring traditions of Maramures and the magnificence of Bucovina's painted monasteries will define two of them.

Few people in today's world maintain and cherish their age-old customs, as do the villagers of Romania.

Rates range from to per person including two meals.

Rooms are clean and comfortable but some do not have private baths. For more information and reservations visit the Website of the agro-tourism organization ANTREC.

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