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The data in this book consists mainly of tables of data on mints and reverse types of the small Roman bronze coins struck from the latter part of Constantine's reign to the end of the reign of Zeno in the East.The content is highly abbreviated references to the obverse styles and legends associated with the various mints and mint workshop marks during different time periods.

A complete set of these reference works is quite expensive, costing over a thousand dollars if copies of each volume can even be found. Keywords: Roman Coins History Roman Emperors Numismatics The whole list in alphabetical order Go to booklist about the Roman army and ancient warfare Books about Roman and other ancient coins Books by the popular author Michael Grant Books about ancient ships and sailing Go to booklist about women in the Roman world Hats Off to History Teachers!

If you are looking for that special rare oddity or variant of which there might be only three examples in any collection and don't mind deciphering the tables, then this reference is for you.

The reprint from Durst is priced at about twenty dollars.

by David Sear is the standard reference used by dealers and collectors all over the world. 498, 22 years after the traditional date given for the Fall in the West.

Organized chronologically by emperor, then by major type and then by reverse legend, Sear makes it quite easy to find a particular coin if you have done some basic inentification (or reasonable guessing). Most auction catalogs and dealer's fixed price lists list coins according to Sear number or variant on a type listed in Sear.

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