Robinson cano dating shakira

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The move is widely seen as an indication that Cano, who will be eligible for free agency when this season ends, will likely seek to negotiate with the Yankees.

He is earning million this season with the club as part of the six-year, million deal inked in 2008.

Cano's switch to Roc Nation Sports coincided with the announcement of its launching on Tuesday morning.

Other Boras clients include former Phillies outfielder Jayson Werth, who signed a seven-year, 6 million deal with Washington, and Prince Fielder, who secured 9 years and 4 million from Detroit after leaving Milwaukee.

As such, Cano's firing of Boras appears to signal a new willingness to negotiate - CAA stars like Matt Cain Ryan Braun and Ryan Zimmerman have tended to pursue contracts with their current team.

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