Robert pattinson lindsay lohan dating

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Apparently Katie Holmes became pregnant with Klein's baby just before she started dating Tom Cruise, but the pair decided to pretend that Suri was Tom's.

The theory states that Suri wasn't actually born on 18 April 2006 as was claimed, because the birth certificate took 20 days to get signed. The theory says that Jon Benét's parents faked her death so that she could grow up and become a star.

The fact that neither of them was worried about hiding anything is pretty interesting — it’s almost as if they wanted it to leak out that they are a bit more than friends.

Katy seems like quite an upgrade for Rob after spending years with the chronically miserable Kristen Stewart, don’t you think?

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Katy turned up at the after party to celebrate Rob’s new film, magazine, Rob and Katy spent quite awhile making out and they could have cared less who happened to catch them in the act.

Rumer supposedly drinks until she blacks out and is dealing with eating disorder issues. what the heck is going on with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin?

Tallulah gets violent and Scout is a pill popper with a penchant for self abuse. Are they amicably divorcing, working on a reconciliation, or feuding over the kids?

They originally staged the breakup to create publicity around their respective movies being released at the time. Surely you've heard about this one, and it's probably the most believable of all of these.

Oh and the woman who Kristen is supposedly dating right now? There were a ton of rumours that Marilyn Monroe was having an affair with Bobby Kennedy, back in the 1960s, and also slept with President Kennedy a couple of times.

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