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Siobhan Smythe was hired to be Cat Grant's new assistant alongside Kara Danvers.Kara was annoyed by being unable to pronounce her name correctly.She continued her secret relationship with Winn until Kara caught them together in a supply closet.When Supergirl has her inhibitions destroyed by Red Kryptonite, Siobhan caught her on tape letting a Khund get away.After Kara Danvers outed her plan to offer her information on Supergirl to the Daily Planet, she was fired by Cat.Soon afterward, she discovered that a family curse gave her the power to sonic scream, and began calling herself Silver Banshee.Cat tells Siobhan to call her investment broker, but she stammers for a moment before Kara took the assignment.Winn offers to help Siobhan make copies, but she is upset over finding that her father was listed as a member of a cheating website thanks to Indigo and leaves Winn to make the copies.

Siobhan promptly one-upped Kara's coffee while Winn looked on uncomfortably.She later tried to listen on James and Lucy's private conversation.Later Siobhan smugly told Kara she did all her work for her.Later Winn told Siobhan about his family and how he has felt just like her.Siobhan then kisses him but warns Winn not to say anything.

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