Risk updating bios

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While the author of this article has successfully run this procedure many times, your mileage may vary. This was something I hadn't thought about recently with updating one of my machines. Thanks Would anyone know what I should do about putting a BIOS update on a floppy that requires XP without using XP .

Its for a HP 751n I only have access to Linux boxes. Or maybe a bunch or people could post irrelevant comments that are amusing to smirk at. Anonymous Cowards who blast this method should be shot.

I roughly knew what to do, but did not know where to find freedos, rarely edited iso images, never burnt a bootable cdrom before, this article saved me a few hours of research and trial/error. No, installed OS is not affected with a BIOS update.

The title was misleading only to those who look for problems.

I have Linux and I cannot flash my BIOS via conventional methods.

We are fortunate that guys at FDOS site have prepared one suitable for us.

Use the OEM Bootdisk version, the one with just kernel and command.com, because it leaves more free space on disk for the flash utility and new BIOS image.

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