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No one contributor knows all of the other contributors: Mike’s network was vast and varied.

Some of the contributors know each other and dislike each other: Mike collected individuals and if some of them did not like each other, it never influenced how he felt about them.

He always said that he wanted to teach his students two things: how to follow directions and how to work independently. In 1976 Mike pioneered a Kansas Oral History Project in which students created video documentaries about a famous Kansan or event in Kansas History.

Mike died September 29, 1996, from complications following heart surgery. Printz was born May 27, 1937, at Clay Center, Kansas, the son of Floyd and Hazel Printz.

He graduated from Clay Center Community High School in 1955;earned his bachelor of arts degree in English and history from Washburn University of Topeka, Kansas, in 1960; and received his master's degree in library science from Emporia State University in Kansas in 1964.

Despite his talents as a collector, Mike was the first to admit he wasn't very good at collecting money.

He often said that he kept his money in circulation because it was good for the economy.

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    The novel is rich in the conflicting energies of the time — lingering resentments from the previous decade's stark class divisions, a renewed hope for the decade to come — and these clashes are played out over the course of one summer at a Colorado camp.

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    There are also a few examples where the real life relationship is totally obvious, but the on-screen romance that started the whole thing has been forgotten. Grab your popcorn and your supermarket tabloid and get ready to find out.

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