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I have seen the CAN wires rub through and this will cause pre safe lights and also check engine light and other faults.You may also have a no power issue that some have experienced.Our issue involve a serious drop in power when this condition occurred, making the vehicle undrivable.Mercedes agreed with us that this condition was unsafe.

There are some sharp edges and the wiring harness can rub through.So they are returning the car and want me to drive it until it happens again and then call them. I also saw the same warning when I was nearing 10,000 miles.I was able to take a print shot of the error and show to the service adviser.though the sensors may appear clean cleaning them can resolve the issue- i had this once after i detailed mine and trust me they were NOT dirty-- but i then figured out the wax on the sensors threw it off-- extra rubbing/cleaning the sensors was what I had to do..The sensor doesn't appear to be at all dirty or have any residue on it but I'll give it try.

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