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I enjoy the ephemeral nature of perennial flowers, the changing tapestry of colour all summer.

Shrubs on their own are too static for my kind of gardening.

Like me, they were not entirely convinced by planning a shoulder-to-shoulder scheme of contrasting leaf colour.

Pearson said he did not like shrubberies merging into an amorphous mass.

Myrtle, cistus, lavender, sage, juniper and perhaps the odd arbutus or strawberry tree grow happily together.

Simply click the image below and it will open as a PDF document that you can save and print.

If you need help downloading the printable list, check out these helpful tips.

Each of the spices on this list has its own distinct flavor and uses.

Most witch hazels reach 10ft high and almost as wide in moist, leaf mouldy soil.

They would never be an option on my dry Cotswold brash or any similar soil.

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