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An email to their support team wasn't going to work.

So fax through a cancellation letter and received a confirmation by email that they acknowledged my cancellation.

I later checked my credit card bank statement and discovered they taken out .86!

I followed this up with them by email and their response was the .99 was a weekly amount even they charge monthly and wont be refunding me the over charge.! My friend joined this B2 site and thought she was getting a bargain She told me about finding the add on Facebook I looked it up and saw all these complaints She then checked her Visa card account and saw she had been charged over 200 dollars instead of what she had agreed to (being less than 60 dollars ) per the add.

Which are not clearly written I might add so I’m sure many people face this problem. I then had to replace my credit card with a fee as a precaution.

Wondering if anybody in Australia actually had debt collectors knocking on their doors? Called ACCC they not really any help and just advice to get legal advice. I didn’t read these reviews and subscribed from the Facebook link.

Images of potential “matches” are blurred and when you subscribe, you find out they are only “templates”: Not the person depicted.

I immediately requested a refund which was declined.

The instructions in the site to cancel membership simply keep turning you around in circles.

I feel strongly that I want to inform some authority about this as I truly think it's a scam. I would receive contacts but when I responded there was never more than a handful of replies and I wondered if anyone was real. Before the 12/3/18, I tried to deactivate my account.

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