Restore iphone after jailbreak without updating

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Most people jailbreak using the Cydia technique, so it's important to make sure that the Cydia package is already available on your device before proceeding.You need to download and install the Cydia app named i LEX RAT as this will provide Cydia with the recovery features that you need.The i Phone is probably the most popular mobile phone on the planet at this point so there are thousands of people out there using it on a daily basis for calling their friends, texting, playing games or even using advanced functions.

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If your i Tunes installation is not up to date, do update it before moving forward.Since the phone is jailbroken is important not to create a backup.After pressing Don't Back Up, you will receive a question that asks you if you want to restore.There are also a lot of cases in which users have an older model, with just 16GB of storage, so updating it to the latest i OS version would result in a slower phone.As you probably know, restoring an i Phone means that all the data and settings will be deleted and you will end up with a fresh new iteration of i OS.

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