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': experiences of Team members in a community service for adults with intellectual disabilities” 26(2):167-80 Details Presland A D, Clare, I C H, Broughton S, Luke L R, Wheeler E.

Fairchild G, Watson P C, Chan W Y S, Kearns, A, Ring, H (2013), “Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis activity in adults with intellectual disabilities: A preliminary investigation, ” 16(6):612-21 Details Perez CM, Wagner AP, Ball SL, White SR, Clare ICH, Holland AJ, Redley M (2017), “Prognostic models for identifying adults with intellectual disabilities and mealtime support needs who are at greatest risk of respiratory infection and emergency hospitalisation” 46(May-June):50-7Ford CE, Malley D, Bateman A, Clare IC, Wagner AP, Gracey F (2016), “Selection and visualisation of outcome measures for complex post-acute acquired brain injury rehabilitation interventions” 39(1): 65-79Perez CM, Ball SL, Wagner AP, Clare IC, Holland AJ, Redley M (2015), “The incidence of healthcare use, ill health and mortality in adults with intellectual disabilities and mealtime support needs” 59(7): 638-652Farrington C, Clare ICH, Holland AJ, Barrett M, & Oborn E (2014), “Knowledge exchange and integrated services: experiences from an integrated community intellectual (learning) disability service for adults ” 5, 16-28Carroll C, Clare ICH, Watson P, Hawkins MM, Spoudeas H, Walker D, Holland AJ, Ring HA (2013), “Effects of early childhood posterior fossa tumours on IQ. (2012): Human Rights and Intellectual Disabilities: an emergent theoretical paradigm? H., Holland AJ, Watson P, Bambrick M, Kearns A, Staufenberg, E (2010), “Circumscribed interests and ‘offenders’ with autism spectrum disorders: A case-control study” 52(Pt 3):175-81 Details Luke L, Redley M, Clare I, Holland A (2008), “Hospital clinicians' attitudes towards a statutory advocacy service for patients lacking mental capacity: implications for implementation.” 13(2):73-8 Details Redley M, Platten M, Clare ICH, Holland A (2008), “The Involvement of Independent Mental Capacity Advocates (IMCAs) in Adult Protection Procedures in England: 1st April 2007 – 31st March 2008” Winter, pp.

uk Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience Developmental Neuroscience I work in the Cambridge Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Research Group in the Dept.

of Psychiatry and as a a senior member of the Enduring Disability and/or Disadvantage clinical theme in the NIHR's CLAHRC East of England.

Specific loading patterns seem to stimulate the development of cam-type deformity by modifying the distribution of the mechanical stimulus.

Thanks to all this warm weather, it makes us want to spend more time in and around the cool refreshing waters.

From mild to wild, Wisp Resort offers many options for water-filled fun.

Affiliated Lecturer Dr Isabel Clare is pleased to consider applications from prospective Ph D students.

Department of Psychiatry Cambridge Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Research Group [email protected]

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