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Hey Pete, glad that you and your class had a good chuckle. I bet someone has used it for themselves in real life, it’s hard to resist 🙂 Reply There is only one problem with this: In ISRAEL, and in today’s age of technology, most potential employers do not even bother with rejection letters and if you get accepted they call you. Wouldn’t it feel empowering to send someone a letter like that – or at least to pretend you did?

Someone claimed here that it’s an adaptation of a letter in Neal Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death but Amazon’s Search Inside the Book can’t find the word “rejection”, so perhaps not. I’m a career coach and I deal with so many clients who have all kinds of fears around rejection.

There's nothing like light-hearted humour help to ease the pain of rejection, as evidenced by this letter from the offices of Mad magazine, one of the most influential humour publications ever released.

The letter was sent to all unsuccessful submitters of material during the much-lauded reign of Al Feldstein.

Lawyers caution organizations not to utilize the approach of telling competitors that someone else who is more qualified and a superior fit for the occupation.

Some portion of a significant trial may be the thought of whether alternate candidates really were more qualified.

Customize the competitor rejection letters with the candidate’s name, the position, and maybe a remark about the meeting time.

Guarantee that the hopeful does not feel as though he or she got a shape rejection letter, despite the fact that it fundamentally is.

Here's a rejection sent in by a blog-reader from the cruel world of freelance journalism.

A competitor, who has been talked with twice by the company over and over really merits a telephone call.

A hopeful who has been at the firm on two events merits more than a rejection letter however an uncommon treatment.

Try not to put any data in the rejection letter that is not valid.

The candidate rejection letter is the last opportunity to frame an association with the competitor that will make the hopeful think positively about your organization.

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