Red light dating

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Now taking bets on how long before a Dating Monsters app exists with a site that borrows quotes from Where the Wild Things Are, solidifying the ruin of digital dating and childhoods everywhere. I know it can be hard to keep your hands off your man! 😆 The only problem is, while driving, it gets a little dangerous sneaking in those kisses. While 95% of the venues in all of these areas are go go bars, there are some characteristics that are unique to each of BKK’s three red light districts.The prices for drinks in the go go’s are in the 140-200 Baht range, lady drinks similar at 150-200 Baht. The bars have no dress code and generally no cover charge, the exception being ping pong shows in Patpong (starting at 500 Baht – be careful, lots of tourist scams).

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But I digress: Love Room has a lot of fun phrases in its landing page that purport it to be a good, neat way to find “interesting” (which is Love Room code for “let’s see what’s under that shirt, tiger [insert cat noise, claws air]”) people to share a place with.

I’m pretty comfortable explaining myself and carrying on conversation behind a keyboard.

(I realize this is not a huge shock coming from someone whose Twitter avatar is still a photo of that one time she met Grumpy Cat.) I also intensely enjoy filling out lists and surveys and then perusing their algorithm-based results.

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