Rebound dating after divorce

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Not only is that a sign of a rebound, but it's also not cool and unfair.

Source: Shutter Stock It's totally normal to have some not-so-great feelings about an ex, especially if it was a messy breakup.

One or two may not be a big deal, but if his Facebook is painful to look at because it makes others so uncomfortable, he's definitely not over his ex.

It's easy to ignore these kinds of signs when you really like someone, but please don't brush it off as just his favorite music or something like that.

But if your guy is constantly bashing his ex, gets really bummed out when he hears things about her or seems really bitter about the end of their relationship, that's not good.

If he were totally over her, he wouldn't still be so passionate about her, even if what he's saying is bad.

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Source: Shutter Stock When someone goes into a rebound relationship, they're looking for the sort of connection they used to have with their ex - they want to feel close and intimate to someone, anyone.

Commitmentphobes could just be rebound relationships in disguise.

Source: Shutter Stock Do you think you’re in a rebound relationship?

While it's totally possible to meet a new sweetie you genuinely like, most people who go through a tough breakup need a good amount of time to themselves to get over their ex before they can move onto someone new.

Even if he insists he's over her, if their relationship only ended a few weeks ago, he's probably not.

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