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And when I was kicked off the show, they have this whole scene where I confront him and I say, expecting to find love, let alone a royal.Copeland, who teaches the deaf and hard of hearing for a living, says she auditioned as a favor for a friend in the casting department."But knowing that everyone at the end realized what the premise was and the purpose of the show, no one has any animosity toward him or the producers," she says. Please, for your own sake, watch it below: Guiltyyy. long), several other shows have tried to carve out their own space in the genre."A lot of things that you see me saying, [the producers] pieced my words together," she says."I found that they would show the back of my head while I'm talking — I know they edited that.As he sees it, it was part of what they all signed up for doing a reality television show. "I don't know if they were upset because they'd been deceived or if it was upset things hadn't worked out between us," he says."When he met us and saw we were real people and I think he started, not regretting his decision, but feeling bad about being deceptive," Jones says of her impression of Hicks while filming. It wasn't his fault." Hicks is so not sorry, in fact, that he's still impersonating Prince Harry from time to time. #schweppes #growupstayorange #ecaliptoos #zoaproductions #HRH #princeharry #meganmarkle #princeharrylookalike #israel #campaign A post shared by Matt Hicks (@iammatthicks) on "It sounded like a good opportunity. "Not too much acting and a free trip to Israel — it was really cool experience."Among the projects he's turned down in the last four years since "There have been lots of offers," he says. For the women of 'Remember when you were criticized for being so naive and dumb to actually believe that Prince Harry would end up marrying some American actress and then, you know, here he is marrying an American actress,'" Birch says with a laugh.

"They knew who was going to be the wild one, who was going to be the heavy drinker, who was going to be the narcissistic one." Birch describes herself as a party girl in real life, but says she played the part of a wholesome, almost naive girl on the show.

"I wasn't willing to go down that road, [and] I think I got knocked off the show because of that.

I wasn't following the script."For what it's worth, Hicks doesn't believe any of the girls fell for the hoax fully.

In fact, most of them have remained friends since filming wrapped and several of the contestants went on a Vegas trip together a year later.

"The only time we were recognized was maybe a year after the show aired, five of the girls, we all went to Vegas together and we were recognized there by some British people, because they said the Brits loved the show," Copeland says. At the end of filming, Hicks says he had a "25 minute or half-hour chat" with a few of the contestants (including the woman who fell for HRH hard), but says he he didn't feel bad about lying to them for a month beforehand. "It was quite an emotional rollercoaster really, but I think it was alright." From Hicks' perspective, girls were upset, but the reason was unclear.

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