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Tamar gave birth to a baby boy named Logan Vincent Herbert on June 6, 2013.

In October 2017, Tamar filed for divorce from Vincent, citing “irreconcilable differences” and is seeking joint custody of their son She has said, “You know I mean I love him and everything but here is the thing: Imma need my man, you know, to appreciate me.” She added, “And Imma need him to know what he has in front of him, okay?

These are definitely ways that could cause you to go out on dates that were not compatible with you.

If this is the case you may want to put a pause on your dating life, not a complete stop, and readjust.

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This gives you the chance to have something to talk about while on a date.

Because really what happens was I messed around and learned my worth.

And the crazy thing about knowing your worth – things start to change.” Some of her fans are not that crazy about her giving him a second chance due to rumors that he had cheated on Tamar multiple times through the years.

You will be able to choose the people that are of interest to you.

Knowing that the type of person that is right for you really do exit is enough to keep you from giving up on dating.

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