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The occurrence of multiple oxidation states separated by a single electron causes many, if not most, compounds of the transition metals to be paramagnetic, with one to five unpaired electrons.

Conversely, oxides of metals in higher oxidation states are more covalent and tend to be acidic, often dissolving in strong base to form oxoanions.The second- and third-row transition metals behave similarly but with three important differences: The highest possible oxidation state, corresponding to the formal loss of all valence electrons, becomes increasingly less stable as we go from group 3 to group 8, and it is never observed in later groups.Binary transition-metal compounds, such as the oxides and sulfides, are usually written with idealized stoichiometries, such as Fe O or Fe S, but these compounds are usually cation deficient and almost never contain a 1:1 cation:anion ratio.Manganese, for example, forms compounds in every oxidation state between −3 and 7.Because of the slow but steady increase in ionization potentials across a row, high oxidation states become progressively less stable for the elements on the right side of the block.

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