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The Hong Kong paparazzi recently discovered that Chrissie and her costar, Taiwanese singer-actor Show Lo (羅志祥), were getting quite cozy with each other on the set of Journey to the West.

Show and Chrissie are billed as guest stars, appearing in no more than three scenes in the film.

Cheeky Show Luo managed to grab actress Terri Kwan's butt during a performance at Taiwan Fisherman Wharf for Valentine's Day in 2009.

Dating rumours about Show Luo and Chinese actress Chrissie Chau surfaced in early 2013 when the pair were spotted going in to a hotel together during his Hong Kong concert tour.

After announcing her breakup with boyfriend of six years, Avis Chan (陳偉成), earlier last month, Chrissie’s now vacant love life has become a topic of interest for the Hong Kong paparazzi.

Currently busy on a promotion tour with Stephen Chow (周星馳) for his new film, Journey to the West , Chrissie insists that her career is currently her top priority.

Some of these might make you have to tell your friends you’ve been cutting up onions… He said, "If their breakup was really because of me like you [media] said, then I must say I'm sorry.

So long as the one I love is happy, nothing else matters." Go to in the video to see Show's Miss A interview (with English subs).

Mandopop star Elva Hsiao joined Show in more ways than one on stage during his “2013 MORRISK” tour for a creative adaptation of the song “WOW”.A source revealed, “Show likes making cold jokes, and Chrissie is easy to please.They grew pretty close on the set [of Journey to the West].” Putting the bad breakup experience behind her, Chrissie also exclaimed that she has had a great time in doing promotions for the film.Weibo “Unfollowers” Dating rumors of Show and Chrissie came about when a snapshot of Chrissie visiting Show at the backstage of his Hong Kong concert surfaced online.

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