Raiden fighters jet mame not updating

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If you can help out by buying/loaning some of them to us, speak up! Aqua Jack (for a redump) Raiden Fighters Jet (Seibu/Tuning, 1998) and two thanks to Dangspot....Libero Grande (Namco 1997, System12) Vandyke (Jaleco, 1991) Received a HUGE box today. Puzzle Club (Yun Sung, 2000) Twin Brats (Elettronica Video-Games S. L, 1995) Super Lup Lup Puzzle Ping Pong Masters '93 (Electronic Devices, 1993) Explosive Breaker (Kaneko, 1992) Twins Pop Bingo (Dooyong, 1996) Hot Bubble (Afega) Born To Fight Gun Ball (Data East, 1992) BC Story (Semicom, 1997) Funny Strip (Microhard) Mighty Warriors (Elettronica Video-Games S. L ) Special thanks to Reip, F205v and the good boys at the Italian Forum :-) Finally got the next package from Japan. Mobile Suit Gundam Federation VS Zeon (Capcom, 2001) Mobile Suit Gundam Federation VS Jion DX (Capcom, 2001) Initial-D Arcade Stage (Sega, 2002) Virtua Striker 3, (Sega, 2001) Virtua Fighter 4 (Sega, 2001) Some G-Net carts....It's _only_ 00 ;-) A few more adapters arrived today. So I can dump those too, but unfortunately we'll need another adapter :-( This means sound in Gun Nail, Mustang, Acrobat Mission, Vandyke, Black Heart and possibly others that use the NMK004 chip is possible once the chip is dumped.If you can help me out with some much needed funds, please contact me :-) Or donate directly via MAMEWorld or via my donations page You can see a pic of the newly-arrived adapters on my Equipment page.We have been able to consistently reproduce everytime cmpro 4.08b deletes or loses some roms/sets for unknown reason when scanning fix a 147 complete romset with a self compiled 147u2 or 147u3 MAME binary.FYI since we are working with merge sets here at the Datfile problem prompt we answer Yes To All about removing parent/clone relationship.

Unlikely option: is it perhaps the t7zip file CMP (7z) has problems with?

There's nothing to dump on them, so there's little point in them coming to me. You could be mistaken for thinking that the mess on top of the PCB is sand. Though it seems like the manufacturer forgot to read the resin mixing instructions because several parts came off in BIG chunks. Some of this info is a bit sketchy and sparsely documented so if you can help with missing info or corrections, let me know.

We need all the FD1094's to complete the decryption of all FD1094-encrypted games.

So probably this is the next gizmo we will look at buying....

:-) I finally located the Teki Paki board and attempted to dump it's HD647180 QFP80 using the recently-arrived adapter. So there's is virtually no hope of ever seeing sound emulated in those Toaplan games that use this chip.

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