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When asked by Boston Herald whether she was still in the group, O'Day was reluctant to answer and stated, "I can’t comment on anything, I’m sorry." Tonight is a representation of the end of a chapter in my life; it's not the end of the book.

Diddy, O'Day was fired from the group in 2008, but reunited with them in 2013 before a second disbandment.

Like a good television show, a compelling presentation performance, uses production values to deliver content.

We approach presentations with this unique, producer’s point of view and teach agenda creation, graphic support, delivery techniques and mastery of the all-important Q & A session.

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With 12 victories since 1987 Sweden is by far the most successful country in this contest where national clubs give a second chance to the songs that came second or were the fan favorite and failed to win.

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Turner Gas Company is family-owned and has successfully served customers for over 75 years.

Formerly the day city editor of the nation’s largest afternoon newspaper and executive producer of Good Morning America, the CBS Morning News and Entertainment Tonight, Merlis conducts all our workshops.

An effective presentation is a blend of agenda, materials and techniques; in other words, a performance.

The magazine described her as the contestant "who bared calm resolve and tanned hip bones in beating out almost 10,000 girls for the chance at singing and strutting in a P.

O'Day expressed anxiety about competing to be in the group.

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