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Residential streets and main roads are used for these processions.

Provocative speeches and gestures are made near Ahmadiyya places of worship.

Its translation is produced below: Private men of the excise inspector take money by deceit in the name of property tax Iftikhar Gujjar has employed five men who fraudulently pocket money by showing fake Demand Notices, in different areas.

Chenab Nagar (Correspondent): Private men of the excise inspector have started extorting money from common people in the name of property tax. As per available details, Iftikhar Gujjar, an excise inspector in Chenab Nagar, has employed Aslam, Basharat, Asif, Ansar and Zulfiquar privately for the collection of property tax.

Conversely, hostile groups are left unrestricted to take out processions and hold conferences in Rabwah.It is worth noting that many delegations of local social groups and elders have failed to persuade the stubborn contractor to stop such illegal blasting in view of such casualties and dangers.A delegation comprising elders and victims of such casualties visited the DCO Chiniot and presented him with a written application.Five clerics, including Ghulam Fareed Paracha Deputy Secretary JI and mulla Mugaira of Rabwah made anti-Ahmadiyya speeches. This mulla is a leader of a banned organization but is free to carry on his mischief. It used the main roads of the city including College Road, Aqsa Road and stopped at Aqsa Square. In front of the Ewan-e-Mahmood speakers including Ataul Muhaiman Bukhari used foul language against the Ahmadiyya community. All shops and markets remained closed for almost two days.They reached through the main roads of Rabwah waving their weapons. The Ahmadiyya youth acted as models of self-discipline in the face of provocation in their home town.

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