Quantity value updating sap

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These business objects can be used for planning actions.When creating an action profile, note for which business transaction type you can use this action profile.Please don't copy and paste the requirements which you get from your client .YOUR URGENCY IS NOT MY PROBLEM :-) I will take my sweet time in replying .You can define the action templates more closely in the following step “Change action profiles and define conditions”.For the action profile, the class which provides the attributes for your business object must be entered.You must assign the relevant business object type to the action profile.The assignment of the business object type makes sure that the attributes for the relevant business transaction type (for example, sales contract) can be used for defining and processing the conditions.

If you work with time-dependent conditions, you must also assign a date profile to the action definition.

When defining the follow-up documents, consider the copying control for the relevant transaction types.

Note also the copying control for the relevant transaction types, when defining subsequent documents.

During the method call, processing is carried out via Business-Add-Ins (BAd Is). You can also use actions to trigger alerts, for example, in the Enterprise Portal.

For more information, see Using Actions to Trigger Alerts.o When creating your own BAd I implementations, make sure that the method 'get_ref_object' is always called from the class 'CL_ACTION_EXECUTE', and the method 'register_for_save' always at the end.

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