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He's also "not the worst at sex." Dixey says he's had "quite a few old matches" pop up to let him know that his profile went viral and asking him to "remember them" when he's famous.

But, old matches aside, Dixey says the presentation has helped his dating success.

"I think most girls appreciate the funniness of it all!

" Sometimes a little bit of effort goes a long way.

There are things I didn’t get right with Jack, and things he didn’t get right with me.

Nevertheless, because of his considerate dates, I put a lot of thought into my own date proposal and learned a lot in the process.

Making your Tinder profile stand out from the crowd can be tough.

” But you can’t make a Power Point without a point, so I did what I (too) rarely do and asked Jack out on an honest-to-goodness date, with a place and time and shared experience and everything.Fenton is a student at the University of Minnesota, who has a crush on someone named Carter.Instead of going the traditional route of dropping subtle hints, attempting to flirt, or straight out asking Carter if he likes her, Fenton built a genius Power Point explaining exactly why she'd be the perfect girlfriend.Had I acted like a normal girl and asked Jack out on a date via text, I would have said something like, “You’ve been great about planning dates! But every slide needs a visual and every visual needs to reinforce a message.With this in mind, I had to unpack a simple “thank you” into its component parts in order to pair it with an appropriate stock photo (all from unsplash.com, no affiliation).

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