Public folder address book not updating

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Please check earlier event log messages for the specific error.- \Default Offline Address List I have tried a lot already but they still appear, either there's still something wrong or I am not understanding something.If a public mail folder has been assigned an email address by the folder's administrator (a folder setting called "mail enabled"), you can send a message directly to the public folder.You may be able to find the email address for a public folder by looking in the To field of messages in the public folder.You can search for the address directly in the shared Contacts folder or consider putting these contacts in a Public Folder or Share Point List you both can access.To be able to add a Contacts folder from Public Folders to your Outlook Address Book, you’ll need to add it to your Public Folder Favorites.How can I add a shared Contacts folder as an Address List to my own Address Book?Sadly, adding a Contacts folder from another mailbox to your Outlook Address Book is not supported.

Other Outlook 2013 users do not have issues downloading the address book.That mailbox database was pointing to an Offline Address Book that was not serving the OAB over HTTPS, it was Public Folder only.I am doing a double hop migration from 2003 to 2013.In Exchange, under Client Access Offline Address Book Distribution, there is only one OAB location set, and that is pointing to our internal and external https paths to distribute the OAB. Why are these users affected by this error receiving "OAB URL: Public Folder"?Presumably this comes from the autodiscover XML sent by the Exchange server.

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