Psion teklogix updating scanner settings

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Quasi sempre, ci troverai Troubleshooting, cioè i guasti più frequenti e malfunzionamenti del dispositivo Psion Teklogix 8590 insieme con le istruzioni su come risolverli.

Anche se non si riesci a risolvere il problema, il manuale d’uso ti mostrerà il percorso di ulteriori procedimenti – il contatto con il centro servizio clienti o il servizio più vicino.

Saprai quindi se hai correttamente usato le funzioni disponibili, e se hai commesso errori che possono ridurre la durata di vita del Psion Teklogix 8590.

Service and Information Psion provides a complete range of product support services and information to its customers worldwide. B-10 B.3.3 Configuring the Barcode Decoding Symbologies (Barcoding Menu)... Press [1] to launch the OS Performing a Hard Reset Important: This procedure is recommended as a last resort, when all other methods fail. Using a coin, or other conductive item, connect pins 5 and 6 of the battery contacts for at least six seconds.

You can install the agent onto a device via desktop Active Sync, by clicking on Install Agent by Active Sync button if the device is connected to this computer You can generate a barcode, by clicking on Generate Barcode to provision the Convenient installation method for remote locations.

Execute this application on any desktop computer to install the agent onto a cradle synced device.

, depending on whether you have previously registered for Teknet: A selection of archived product information is also available online: TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 About This Manual Text Conventions Overview of the Omnii Hand-Held Computer Regulatory Labels...8 Chapter 2: Basic Operation 2.1 Omnii Features Omnii Modules Available Documents Available Preparing the Omnii for Operation The Battery Switching the Omnii On and Off Resetting the Omnii Performing a Warm Reset Performing a Cold Reset Performing a Clean Start Boot to Boo St Performing a Hard Reset Attaching Carrying Accessories Calibrating the Touchscreen Imager and Scanner Options Connectivity Data Transfer Voice Communication...17 Chapter 3: Getting To Know Your Omnii 3.1 Operating System Battery Details Battery Safety Battery Swap Time Charging the Battery The Keyboard Regular Keys Modifier Keys Activating Modifier Keys Locking Modifier Keys Function Keys and Macro Keys Function Keys Macro Keys Numeric Keyboards Accessing Alpha Keys The Keypad Backlight The Display Adjusting the Display Backlight Calibrating the Touchscreen...27 i Table of Contents 3.5 Indicators LEDs Battery Charge Status LED Operating System Status LED Radio Status LED Scanner Status LED Onscreen Indicators Audio Indicators Vibrations Inserting the microsd Card and SIM Card Inserting the Cards Scanners and Imagers Basic Scanner Operations Scanning Techniques Scanner Status LED, Sounds, and Vibrations Troubleshooting Operating One Dimensional (1D) Internal Laser Scanners Operating Internal Two Dimensional (2D) Imagers Windows Embedded CE Navigating in Windows Embedded CE and Applications Navigating Using a Touchscreen Navigating Using the Keyboard The Windows Classic Shell Startup Desktop The Taskbar The Start Menu The Psion VU Desktop Shell Restoring the Windows Classic Shell General Maintenance Caring for the Touchscreen Cleaning the Omnii...45 Chapter 4: Configuration 4.1 Overview of Software Psion Software Advantage Microsoft Software The Control Panel Control Panel Applications App Launch Keys Bluetooth Setup Paired Device Discovering and Removing Devices Filtering By Class of Device (COD) Device Pop-up Menu Pairing a Device Servers Mode About The Bluetooth GPRS WAN Connection Certificates...65 ii Table of Contents 4.6 Compass Data Transfer between Omnii and a PC Uploading Data in a Docking Station Using Microsoft Active Sync Using Windows Mobile Device Center Display Properties Background Appearance Backlight Dr. The Omnii touchscreen feature is factory-calibrated and ready-to-go; however, over time the touchscreen's operating parameters may change, and it may need to be recalibrated for correct operation.

Debug Status Utilities Motion Meter Settings Error Reporting GPS (Global Positioning System) Settings Power Profiles Programs AGPS Info Imager & Camera Settings Input Panel Keyboard Properties Key Repeat Keyboard Backlight Keyboard One Shot Modes Keyboard Macro Keys Unicode Mapping Scancode Remapping Lock Sequence Manage Triggers Trigger Mappings Add and Edit Trigger Mapping Microphone Open Tek Term Partner Up Pocket PC Compatibility Power Properties Battery Capacity Power Saving Suspend Suspend Threshold and Estimated Battery Backup Advanced Built-in Devices Battery Health Psion VU Access Administrator Password Shell Settings Restrictions Control Panel Settings...96 iii Table of Contents Import/Export to File Remote Desktop Connection Scanners Barcodes Scanner Restoring Default Settings Options Double Click Parameters Display Parameters Data Handling Translations Case Rules Ports Port Replicator Port A (COM5) and Port B (COM6) Screen Rotation Storage Manager Formatting a Memory Card Creating Partitions Partition Management Stylus Properties Double-Tap Calibration Touch System Properties Total Recall Creating a Backup Creating a Clone Managing Profiles Viewing a Profile Profile Options Deleting a Profile Tweak It Advanced Advanced CE Services Settings Advanced Interface and Network Settings Advanced Services Settings Registry Editor Voice Using the WWAN Phone Dialer Dialing a Number Receiving an Incoming Call Voice Menu Call Management Call Lists Services File Menu Phonebook Management Volume & Sounds Properties Volume Adjustments Sound Adjustments Wi-Fi Config Wi-Fi Config: Status iv Table of Contents Wi-Fi Config: Configure Manually Creating a Network Authentication Mode Encryption EAP Verify Server Certificate Enable OPMK Connecting the Wireless Network Configuring TCP/IP IP Address Name Server Wi-Fi Config: Advanced Monitoring the Network Connection Wi Fi Connect A. C Chapter 5: Accessories 5.1 Pistol Grips Removing the Trigger Cover Attaching the Pistol Grip Carrying and Protective Accessories The Hand Strap - Model ST Protective Carrying Case - Model ST Hard Shell Holster - Model ST Power Accessories Snap Modules AC Wall Adaptor - Models ST1050 and ST1050-AR Vehicle Power Outlet Adaptor - Model ST Chargers and Docking Stations: General Information Important Charger Safety Instructions Charging the Battery Installation Chargers and Docking Stations Operator Controls Power Consumption Considerations Desktop Docking Stations - Models ST4002 and ST Charging a Battery Installed in the Omnii Indicators Operation Charging the Omnii Battery Charging the Spare Battery Cleaning the Desktop Docking Station Troubleshooting Docking station does not seem to power on The Omnii charge indicator LED stays off The Omnii charge indicator LED is red Spare battery LED is red with a battery installed Spare battery LED does not turn on when a battery is installed Quad Docking Station Model No. Refer to Calibrating the Touchscreen on page 27 for details.

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