Ps3 trophy list not updating

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The update, which begins today in beta form, introduces play time management, library and quick menu updates.But perhaps the headline addition is a supersampling mode on PS4 Pro.Sony announced the rollout in an 'everything you need to know' post on the European Play Station blog.ORIGINAL STORY 6TH FEB: Sony's revealed new features coming to the Play Station 4 as part of the 5.50 update.

Please note performance will vary, as games are optimised differently to take advantage of the power of PS4 Pro." Elsewhere, play time management gives family managers and adult family members who are set as guardian the ability to set time limits on when and for how long each child can play for. On the user interface front, two new tabs are added to Library to make it easier to see which apps you've installed and bought.

Trophies are put into place as unlockable achievements based on a game’s launch state.

I’ve previously talked about how has one of the best trophy lists because it requires you to learn every character and mode, teaching you skills that can be used in the game rather than requiring arbitrary grinding or other mundane requirements.

The most recent update announcement, however, has brought to light a concerning element of these frequent and drastic changes.

It was announced today that Mercy is getting a complete rework with how her ultimate ability functions.

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