Protestant views on interracial dating internet dating and texting

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But while teh interwebz are understandably laughing "Look at this fucking Bible-thumper" at Reagan, they've been slow to ask a bigger question: How does somebody believe this, in America, in 2013 or 2014?

What is the historical or biblical source of that belief?

The publication of the document, which will receive a high-profile launch at Westminster Abbey today, is significant because those supporting it include imams from the more orthodox Islamic schools of thought and evangelical Christians.

Among those who have signed up to the document include Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra, a prominent Leicester-based imam from the conservative Deobandi school, the Right Rev Paul Hendricks, associate bishop of Southwark Catholic Archdiocese, and Amra Bone, one of the only women in the country to sit in a Sharia court.

"It makes sense for pastors and imams to be ready for such situations rather than be left without help of guidelines when they get approached by couples seeking their advice." Those with experience of inter-faith marriages say couples often face a variety of difficulties."It might sound a little like we are stating the obvious but it does need to be said," Sheikh Ibrahim told The Independent."In reality Christian and Muslim couples often face very challenging scenarios where there is not enough tolerance or the right pastoral care and that can lead to a very damaging and negative experience for them." The Leicester-based imam said clerics were motivated to come up with the guidelines because they were seeing increasing numbers of inter-faith marriages over the years.Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ in Johnson City, Tennessee.This weekend, he was marked as "the most racist pastor in America" for the video sermon above.

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