Protective orders and dating violence

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Three other related orders include Civil Stalking Injunctions, Child Protective Orders, and Dating Violence Protective Orders.

If you are a victim of violence, abuse, or harassment you may not only have grounds for a protective order but you may also be a victim of a crime.

A restraining order is a broad order that may be obtained to restrain practically any type of action or behavior.

If the parties have children together, considerations must be made for parent-time and communicating with the children.

For example, in a divorce case, paternity action, or any other civil lawsuit, one party can move the court for an order stopping the other party from doing something.

This can include contacting the other party, committing a violent act, wasting or destroying property, using drugs or alcohol around children, etc.

If the criminal provisions are violated the respondent can be arrested and/or criminally prosecuted.

A protective order can be dismissed or modified with the consent of the petitioner.

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