Problems updating catalyst drivers updating intellisense hang

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How to reset Bios to Factory Settings: Plug in the tablet.While powered-off press the POWER button until the blinking red light stops and disappears (usually a good 15 seconds of pressing).Note: Do not touch or format the first two partitions on the disk including ANDROIDIA or you will lose the OS switcher and won't be able to boot into Windows.Creating a Windows Only Tablet: This partition screen will also allow you to delete all the Android partitions going from the one named ANDROIDIA all the way to the bottom, allowing you to install Windows only and gain precious disk space.

While not exactly impossible it is hard to use due to lack of drivers.The Android side of things plays any game you can throw at it fluidly and the Windows side is powerful enough to do serious browsing and edit Excel spreadsheets without a problem.In this article I will post solutions to the problems I encountered in the hopes it will be helpful for you as well.The device will reboot a few times, let it do its thing.After the OS selection screen appears the bios has been reset to factory default.

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