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Such third parties may include your web hosting company, your ISP, your customers, your business partners, or any other party that is harmed in any way during the course of the company enforcement of its rights under this LA.

Unless you submit to the company a signed and written request that your company and/or your web site not be used for marketing purposes, you hereby grant to the company the right to mention your company and/or your web site as a customer site in its marketing materials, such as on the company's web sites, in product brochures, or in other media.

This LA will terminate automatically if you breach any provision of it.

In such event, you must destroy all copies of the “Software Product”, and all of its component parts and cease all further use of it.

As additional consideration for the license granted to you under this LA you specifically agree not to disclose or divulge any information whatsoever about the “Software Product” or the related business practices of the company, which constitute proprietary and confidential nature of the “Software Product” and the valuable trade secrets of “Software Product” contained therein by any means such as posting or printing any reviews, ratings, comments, articles on or within any web sites, newsgroups, chat rooms, e-mail messages, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, or any other media of any kind, whether printed, electronic, or other formats either now known or hereafter developed, or to cause or direct any other individual, company, organization, or other entity to undertake the activities outlined above, without the prior express written consent of the company, if such reviews or comments are intended to slander the company or to harm its reputation for failure to accede to demands or requests by you that are outside the scope of the legal rights and obligations of the parties under this license agreement.The software packages include set of scripts, and may include associated media, printed materials, and "online" or electronic documentation, such as administration and installation manual and layout customization guidelines.Warning: DO NOT BUY ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT OR DO NOT LIKE WHAT YOU SEE ON THE DEMO. IF YOU BUY OUR PRODUCTS, IN ALMOST ALL CASES YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUNDAll and any of the company’s software packages are called “Software Product” here.You may modify the source code of the “Software Product” for your personal usage on the licensed installation only.This LA shall continue in full force and effect in perpetuity unless terminated earlier in accordance with this or another section of this LA.

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    For promoting the prostitution of five or more people, the penalty is 25 years, and the same if promoting someone's prostitution "contributed to sex trafficking." Sex workers don't have to worry about being punished for posting their own ads, but they could run afoul of the law if working in pairs or helping a colleague place an ad.

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