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By today's standards, the "Super-Wasp" is a very primitive shortwave/ham receiver but performance can be surprisingly good if the operator has patience and is willing to put in a few nights learning how the "Super-Wasp" works.

All controls interact with each other making tuning sometimes tedious and demodulating SSB or CW signals requires the detector to be oscillating which increases the instability. "Super-Wasp" kit was available by late 1929 and sold for .50.

The three tubes were usually 201-A and the circuit used a regenerative detector followed by two stages of transformer coupled AF amplification.

The kit included detailed instructions along with an assembly drawing.

Though Pilot's advertising claimed they had been in business since 1908 and the company had used several different names during that time, "Pilot Electric Manufacturing Company" was officially founded in 1922 by Isidor Goldberg in Brooklyn, New York.

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The circuit was built on a bakelite board for the chassis and a mahogany colored bakelite panel.

As a result, don't be hasty to judge a poor performing set as a "bad design." Check the receiver over carefully.

An inspection of the soldering will usually be a clue into the level of workmanship you will encounter in your receiver.

The "Super-Wasp" kit sold for .50 including the five pairs of plug-in coils providing tuning coverage from 500 meters to 14 meters or about 600kc up to about 21.5mc.

Detailed instructions, including a full size blue print, made assembly relatively easy and assured that each "Super-Wasp" could perform pretty much as expected.

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