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The night watch ended with a chick on Sheraton and the other two on Standard Life, where one appeared to have a meal.LAZY MORNING, ACTIVE EVENING Thursday July 5, 2018 - Falconwatch Coordinator Chelsea Decoster reports: It was the hottest morning of the heatwave with a very high humidex and little activity on the part of the falcons.The late afternoon consisted of a game of hide and seek with the falcons.I observed one of the falcons on the CDI College building for a couple of minutes. One of the chicks was seen flying to a window ledge on the NE side of David Braley. The other two chicks were on the lower roof of David Braley, SE side.During the morning they were seen on their usual spots: Stelco, BDC and Sheraton.By the late morning I could not locate them on any of their favourite buildings, they seemed to have flown further from the downtown core. Falconwatch Coordinator Sara Shwadchuck Reports: I arrived after the rain this evening and there was a lot of activity including meals and the chicks were being quite vocal in flight!The one with food ate on top of City Hall, while the other perched close by for a few minutes and then flew towards Homewood and then east.Upon arriving at 9am today, I spotted a chick on the NW corner of Stelco. The falcons also spent some time on the BDC and Homewood today.

It was lovely to see all three chicks on Standard Life together a short while afterwards (photo).

The chick without food took off, followed by Ainslie.

The parents were at the Sheraton at ; one in the nest and the other on the adjacent ledge with a meal. It has made me most happy to watch the chicks go from little white fluff balls to handsome young juveniles. ANOTHER COOL DAY Saturday July 7, 2018 - Falconwatch Coordinator Sara Shwadchuck reports: Just as I arrived at 9am, a chick flew to the west side ledge of BDC.

A parent was also perched on a SW corner of Stelco. There was not much activity seen for the remainder of my morning shift.

The remaining chick on the window ledge got up, prepared his meal and ate. Falconwatch Coordinator Chelsea Decoster reports: When I arrived for my shift at 3pm, I saw Lily on the "duck" of Homewood.

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