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Although i consider myself a fairly open-minded person and socially aware person, i also interracial dating kansas city consider myself to be someone who is a vocal advocate of the underdog.she might not want to let you know, but if she does it can be a really good question for bringing out a good story.(And just between you, me and everyone else reading this: we can admit you’re just protecting yourself, bro.) You would do far better to the mentor or sponsor to women at your job than to avoid them entirely.Being the advocate and ally at work is one of the best ways to support your female coworkers.

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You may want to find sponsors who can help boost your career to the next level.

Over the last week, more reports about Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual assault, harassment and coercion have dominated headlines in the news and conversations on Twitter.

One of those conversations happened to revolve around the Buzzfeed article “What To Do With ‘Shitty Media Men’?

Networking is an incredibly important part of your professional life.

Once you’ve found a job and are trying to turn that into a career, then mentors can be incredibly important.

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