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This makes the original Monster of Frankenstein (usually referred to as just Frankenstein) Frankie's grandfather and his Bride Frankie's grandmother, while Victor Frankenstein is thus her great-grandfather.

Generally in all versions of Monster High, except for the Lisi Harrison books, Frankie is the daughter of Frankenstein's monster and the Bride of Frankenstein's monster, and thus also the granddaughter of Victor Frankenstein. Frankie's mother was the second monster created by Victor Frankenstein and her father was the first.

She has mismatching eye colors, her right being a clear blue and the left a bright green. In the Lisi Harrison books, she has solid black hair which she puts in white streaks later for the school Monster Mash dance in the first book, Monster High.

According to the webisode Department of Monster Vehicles in volume 3, she is 5 ft. She usually wears schoolgirl fashions, as both Monster High the original and Monster High Generation 2, but in the movie: "Welcome to Monster High", she wears a headband with her rebooted Generation 2 outfit which is an electric-blue, lightening-bolt-designed headband, and has silver highlights or silver streaks in her hair along with her black streaks.

(In the Generation 1 cartoon, she is also friends with Ghoulia Yelps).

She enjoys spending time and company with her friends, and sometimes goes shopping with them.

She started out as 15 days old, being the youngest student at Monster High, and then after, gained to be 16 days.

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Frankie was born in a lab created by Frankenstein's monster and the Bride of Frankenstein's monster.When Frankie first met Abbey,, to which Toralei Stripe got the revenge-payback she deserved in said webisode. She is an optimist who believes anything can happen and doesn't give up in the face of adversity.Frankie has light-green or mint-colored skin, long, straight, white, hair with black streaks, and stitches on her neck, arms, legs and a smaller, stitched scar on her right cheek, as well as two small bolts on her neck.Frankie is originally voiced in English by Kate Higgins.The "Zombie Hero Girl" is portrayed by Angela Duscio in the Fright Song music video.

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