Planet out gay dating

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Here at Planet Romeo, we’re an international bunch. They can be very forward and straight to the point. After a first date, they’ll already ask you if you want to meet up again.In our two offices in Berlin and Amsterdam, we have guys from all over the world, giving us a glimpse into how gay men from different countries like to date. They like to know what to expect and whether there’s more to come – but I think that’s just the gay community in general.Be yourself and don’t rush it – but be cautious no one is trying to take advantage. We have a distance at the beginning and we can act a bit reserved and cold but Israelis are complete fools for love. We like to see chivalry and generosity – we’re as cheesy as they come.We have a saying in Hebrew that Israelis are like cacti in that they’re prickly outside and very sweet inside. All these American movies have had an influence on Israeli men., NBCi’s, Lycos, Real Networks, Compuserve and other major Web companies.Planet Out is a San Francisco-based company and major investors include Silicon Valley’s Mayfield Fund, America Online, UK-based Eden Capital and prominent angel investors. Many Germans enjoy talking about work, but I’m unsure about politics – personally I like to talk politics with foreigners, but that depends on their knowledge of European politics and history.However many Germans don’t like talking politics so much.

Brazilians are very flirty but they tend to be a little conventional in terms of masculine and feminine roles, knowing who is top and who is bottom, who is macho and who isn’t.We decided to talk to some of the guys here to find out the best ways to impress a guy from their country and work out which dating tips are universal and which are country specific. I think the Dutch complain a lot but they also pay attention to you, and look further than just your appearance. We don’t like to talk about money and this whole idea of splitting a bill is super annoying. I would definitely say Dutch guys are very direct in their approach. I think Dutch guys like to go for a first date either to a bar or to their house because when they like someone, they don’t want to be disturbed.Improved Personalization – Planet Out lets members choose their own color schemes, bookmark their favorite message boards and save their searches.Leading Columnists Susan Stryker, executive director of the San Francisco-based Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Historical Society, pens a new history column and Betty De Generes writes an enormously popular advice column.

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