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.71, 2610:1c1:6c::50:1 Connecting to distcache.(|.71|:80... When using, specify the alternate location: # cd /usr/ports/directory # make MASTER_SITE_OVERRIDE= BSD/ports/distfiles/ fetch I wish I know more about ports, but I'd don't run Free BSD.

I don't think it makes sense to compile every package that you install on your system.

A not too long time ago I was a big Free BSD user, with dozens of production installs.

The main tools I use are: The ZPOOL value should be the name of the zfs pool created above.Finally, with the upcoming of the 9.1-RELEASE version, [[email protected] /usr/home/fernape]# pkg The package management tool is not yet installed on your system. [y/N]: y Bootstrapping pkg please wait Installing pkg-1.0.11... done If you are upgrading from the old package format, first run: # pkg2ng usage: pkg [-v] [-d] [-j |-c ] [] Global options supported: -d Increment debug level -j Execute pkg(1) inside a jail(8) -c Execute pkg(1) inside a chroot(8) -v Display pkg(1) version Commands supported: add Registers a package and installs it on the system audit Reports vulnerable packages autoremove Removes orphan packages backup Backs-up and restores the local package database check Checks for missing dependencies and database consistency clean Cleans old packages from the cache create Creates software package distributions delete Deletes packages from the database and the system fetch Fetches packages from a remote repository help Displays help information info Displays information about installed packages install Installs packages from remote package repositories query Queries information about installed packages register Registers a package into the local database remove Deletes packages from the database and the system repo Creates a package repository catalogue rquery Queries information in repository catalogues search Performs a search of package repository catalogues set Modifies information about packages in the local database shell Opens a debug shell shlib Displays which packages link against a specific shared library stats Displays package database statistics update Updates package repository catalogues updating Displays UPDATING information for a package upgrade Performs upgrades of packaged software distributions version Displays the versions of installed packages which Displays which package installed a specific file For more information on the different commands see 'pkg help '. You can have a 9.1, 8.2, 10 (aka, CURRENT) and mix between i386 and amd64 platforms. Our older 9.x systems are still using Puppet and Portmaster.When I upgrade them, I’ll switch them to Salt and pkgng.

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