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When she calls Jane to find out where he is, she brushes her off and claimed that even if she does not know where he is, he would vanish sometimes, so she had yet to call the cops or file a missing persons report.

Piper, Jason Grace, and Leo Valdez make it to the lair of the giant Enceladus to save Piper's dad, who has been chained and beaten in the far corner of the room.

Tristan is lifted to a nearby airport where he is almost driven insane by the idea that gods are real, and from the torture the Enceladus inflicted on him.

Using the potion given to her by her mother, Aphrodite, Piper erases her father's memory of the days he was imprisoned.

Tristan grew up as a poor child in a two-room house in Oklahoma with his father Thomas Mc Lean. His father would talk about the old Cherokee tales that he knew, such as the snake song, the constellation of an Armadillo, and Ghost Country, a place where you could talk to the dead.

However, while interested in the stories, Tristan never truly believed them.

The car owner pressed charges and Jane, Tristan's secretary, worked out a deal, resulting in Tristan sending her to the Wilderness School.

The heroes manage to win the fight with some help from Zeus.Tristan eventually met and fell in love with the goddess Aphrodite.However, Aphrodite never revealed to him who she really was, as she felt he would be unable to handle the information that gods were real.He went on to play roles as a Latino teacher, an Israeli spy, and a Syrian terrorist in a James Bond movie.Piper helped him research for a role in a movie involving Greek mythology by helping look up information.

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