Piolo pascual dating angel locsin

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By the time she realizes her mistake, she could no longer find a way to keep in touch with her parents again.Left without a choice, she moves on with her life and starts to raise a family of her own.Maja Salvador plays the role of Judy who has never had a boyfriend, but believes that her sense of humor and talent for acting should be enough to attract any guy.Trouble is most of her prospects eventually leave her for someone more pretty.Just like typical high school girls, they spend most of their time talking about either kikay stuff or cute boys in their class to the point that their parents become concerned about their dipping grades.Nothing can break them apart though since they have sworn to be the "best simple buddies forever" or BSBF.

Curing is crushed when her parents ask her to stop schooling three months before her graduation because they have no money.To prevent any conflict, their number one rule is that they won't keep any secret from each other.But then the barkada's common crush becomes attracted to Rhiamae who begins to meet him without telling her friends.They eventually set their differences aside though when they decided to help the pupils improve their performance so they could pass the annual national achievement test.It is definitely a huge challenge on their part because most of the children have difficulty attending classes since they come from low-income families and the fact that the school is situated in a remote area.

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