Pennsylvania website for consolidating school loans

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If you don't have a lot of private student loan debt, you can wrap them up in an unsecured debt consolidation loan like those from Lending The only issue with the unsecured lenders is the limit of the loans is typically around ,000 or so.That's often not enough to consolidate all of your loans.The good news about these types of loans is that once the student loan is moved into an unsecured loan, it may be fully dischargeable in a future bankruptcy. However there are limitations on the loans they make.Generally you must have graduated from the program the loans were incurred for and the school must be a Title IV accredited university.

If you’re determined to excel, this doesn’t have to be a kiss of death for your career.My resume never shows much in terms of increased responsibility or title in any of my positions and although I am very dependable, have great reviews, and try to give every day 100%, there just isn’t room for me to move. I do think you should take the school off your resume.If I take the school off, it will look like I’m just a high school graduate who’s never done much with herself. I need to figure out something but I don’t know where to start. Even before it was shut down, I probably would have given you the same advice. I know that you want to show that you finished a degree and have higher education, and that you achieved something with your schooling.It took me a long time to accept that my “degree” hasn’t been helping me.It was really depressing, because I worked really hard to obtain this degree (and I have nearly 0k in debt to prove it — I’m saddled with it because I’d already graduated before the school shut down) and I was really proud of myself and thought I was going to change my life, but I’ve only been able to get entry-level jobs that don’t really require a degree at all.

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