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You’ll find locals mixed with expats and travelers in both of these spots.

Hard Rock Hotel: Both of the nightlife spots in the Hard Rock Hotel can be good.

Tantalo: This roof top bar in Casco Viejo is pretty fucking dope, but there’s one problem – it’s hard to tell which girls are hookers and which are not.

From a purely egotistical standpoint, I expect every girl to react incredibly positive when I approach.

So I wasted an hour or so here on a couple of nights chatting to hookers by accident. With bars on literally every corner, you’ll have no shortage of good date spots in Panama City.

I certainly didn’t visit all of them, but I did dig up some intelligence.

The main nightlife areas are Casco Viejo, Calle Uruguay, the Causeway, and the Hard Rock hotel.

I never visited the Causeway, but did spend extensive time in all the other areas.

Nightlife changes quickly in Panama City, occasionally changing on a monthly basis.

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