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8) and finally when I asked about things from past letters it was as if her memory was gone i.e. I asked about her parents and what they thought and she said she hadn't told them, yet in a previous letter she briefly mentioned their happiness for her at finding 'true love' so far away.

She goes by the name of Viktoryia Siaminova in Minsk and gave an address.

R-2937-8470-7143 (here, between brackets, can be mentioned any name or organization - usually a name of travel agency)Benef.

30112840600000000130 International Media Bank, Podgorica For further credit IMTB Acc.

2) She had no desire to talk on the phone even though I speak Russian fluently if not poorly. 5) The one actual letter I got with an actual picture of her from the post office was typed and not signed, she feigned poor handwriting for typing it. I wanted to discuss the fact that I had children and she skirted the subject. 7) When I finally talked about buying air tickets etc.

3) I was written to every weekday, 5 days a week like clockwork. she never addressed the issue only said she'd miss me this weekend.

Our records show that Milla Vincent is currently just found out about this girl today and had to track her down. i only knew her as Zoe so it was hard tracking her down... Because speaking is just a part of learning something about each other.But only if we both are ready for this and if we both are willing for the serious relationships!I found her using the [email protected] ads by myself, no agency. What a joy to see your letters in my mail box, especially as I was very busy and didn't have the opportunity to send you a simple message!You know I am even more happy that my not writing didn't influence on our relations!

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