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Secondly, social values around the place of women in society, and their extreme lack of empowerment, increase women’s vulnerability to be drawn into a sex-related occupation.Simply put, women are subject to a high level of violence inside and outside the home.With steely resolve, these often very young, barely legal, women enforce their unwritten contracts against men who have deluded themselves into believing their May-December relationship is anything but the commercial opportunity that it is.Although it is easy for an outsider to condemn, this is perhaps not a well-considered conclusion as the cultural references in which it occurs are very different from our own.Female Thai friends say they are afraid to take taxis and motor bicycle transports after dark.

The ‘urban water buffalo’ - an exploding social phenomenon of old men with young, Thai women - is very common in Bangkok.

Laura Fearn is the nom de plume of a Canadian expat who lives in Thailand and works as a freelance writer and blogger reporting on life in Asia.

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And, as for the men, trouble only arises when they forget the social context of the relationship and become delusional about its true nature.

If they do not want to be part of the Old Sexpats Club, then they should not play the game.

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