Opensolaris ips selective updating

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But with a little help and information, once you know the basics, you'll find it actually has some of the nicest and friendliest tools around.

The documentation team is also working to produce an updated Open Indiana handbook as well as task based tutorials.The purpose of the Open Indiana Project is to ensure the continued availability of an openly developed distribution based on Open Solaris.The Open Indiana project is also a continuation of the collaborative effort and community spirit of the Open Solaris project.Yes, when installing Open Indiana, you may choose from 47 different keyboard layouts and 22 different languages. For the actively maintained Hipster rolling release, the Open Indiana project seeks to ensure all known flaws are quickly mitigated.For this effort to succeed, we ask our user base to diligently bring security and bugfix concerns to our attention by submitting a ticket with the Open Indiana Bug Tracker.

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