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Unless they’ve been a complete dick, in which case ghost the f*** outta them.Another thing that feels all too common is the notion of a man paying for dates, especially first ones.Over the years, I’ve heard of guys dating someone and then ghosting them and how horrible it is.Yet when women do it, it’s just something a guy has to deal with and not make a big deal over, even though it’s equally as mean, right?It takes five seconds to send a text along the lines of, ‘Not feeling a spark, nice meeting you, bye’.Sure, women don’t owe men anything but for both sides, no matter who’s doing the ghosting, it’d just be nice if we were all a bit more civil.

There’s just not the same options and choice going for fellas. When women are so used to idiot after cretin after player, it often becomes harder to tell the good eggs from the ones that have been sat in the fridge months past their use-by-date.Granted, men can be the worst and do this ruthlessly.The difference being that men are rightly vilified for doing it, but when it’s done to men, they have to ‘man up’, which, incidentally, is a term I really hate.In truth, women do have it much harder when it comes to the great dating game.After all, men aren’t the ones harassed or bombarded with sexually explicit photos that constitute as an ice-breaker on Tinder.

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