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A coracle was placed on top of the gripper bar raft which was tied down to the corners of the raft with leather rope.The coracle may have had small holes in it to allow for a paddle rudder mounted on an A-frame to steer the raft.They headed north using star navigation about 11 000 years ago and found a large herd of migrating reindeer in Arctic Norway.The first people to settle on the west coasts of the Atlantic Islands 11000 to 10 000 years ago were likely the support crews for the reindeer hunters of Finnmark in Arctic Norway, who needed safe harbours, resting places, supply and repair services for thier ocean transport ships.The hunters then probably turned to horses and the giant irish deer for food.12 000 years ago the giant irish deer which these hunters hunted in southern France were becoming scarce and these hunters knew this.It's also possible the skins would have been made from smaller reindeer hides, but this seems unlikely since the hunters had sought and favoured the larger irish reindeer, and the coracle placed on top of the raft would have been too small.Whatever the ocean ships were made of, the hunter-gatherers sought reindeer and knew they lied north of the Bay of Biscay and set out to sail from there.

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It is about this time that probably some of the big game such as bison, wooly rhinocerus, and mammoth would have been hunted to extinction while the lions who hunted these prey became extinct also.Black wavy hair, brown eyes, copper to brown tanned oily skin are dominant phenotypes which the men who drew these cave paintings most likely possessed.The women most likely possessed dominant features as well but probably had hazel eyes and slightly lighter skin which may have been less oily.The women would have gathered wild fruits, seeds, and berries where they brought them back to thier campsite.They probably spent most of thier time in those dark tepees and only occasionaly did they most likely wander out of thier tepees to collect the fruit of the plains.

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    Part 1, Group -*- 2, issued monthly, contains mainly titles of pamphlets, leaflets, and literary contributions to periodicals, and all other productions registered under the legal designation "book" not found in Group 1 (issued several times a week), includ- ing also, however, preliminary reports of court decisions, local directories, herd books, and other annuals, etc.

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    But to more than a few old timers he's still plain "Hap." To all of us he's the man who grew up with Army aviation and played a strong personal role in its development.

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