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The 4.5 miles of hiking is a tad difficult, but certainly worth the effort in terms of viewing the brilliant foliage within the White Mountain National Forest.

The Hollis-to-Keene sector of southwest New Hampshire lends beautiful fall foliage to New England.

Without a doubt, the best approach to viewing New England fall foliage is to consider the journey as important as the ultimate travel destination.

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The moral of this story is to not put all your fall foliage leaves in one basket.Keep in mind that peak New England foliage season varies from year to year.Generally, peak season for most of New England occurs from mid to late October, but can peak earlier in the northern sectors (parts of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont).A half-rack of these gems goes in a hurry as its succulent quality demands for rapid eating.Peterborough is a quiet arts community with a small downtown with great foliage beyond the modest selections of local stores. 603-924-6202) makes for a nice breakfast or lunch, with a hill of brilliant foliage behind it.

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